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About Massage by David Ellis in Tulsa

Why I do what I do...

I've been a professional massage therapist for over a decade, and I love that at Massagebydavid in Tulsa I help people relax and renew in the middle of what is often a hectic life. I'm a certified massage therapist and hold a license with the state of Oklahoma while  working on my national certification. In addition to my membership in ABMP, the largest massage therapy association in the US, I'm part of several  local massage organizations and enjoy giving back to my community by providing Massage in Tulsa. I want to help you heal, and it brings me joy to hear clients tell me I've  reduced their pain, increased their mobility, or helped them relax and focus.

I love to travel, workout, bike, walk, hike and play with my dogs, so I'm  aware of the physical demands of an active lifestyle. That's why I incorporate stretching and other sports massage techniques in my standard rubdown therapy, as well as elements of Swedish massage and deep tissue as needed. I customize each session to your specific needs, and use my training and expertise to help you feel better right away.

I'm David Ellis in Tulsa, and it's my pleasure to give you a strong, professional rubdown. How's your schedule?

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PRO Massage therapist specializing in customized rubdowns to help my clients heal. Call or text 918-645-7176 to book an appointment.